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The History of Avondale fka Coldwater

By: :Benjamin Owens 0 comments
The History of Avondale fka Coldwater

Historic Avondale

Avondale prides itself as a wonderful community for people to live, work and play. As one of the area’s fastest growing communities, the City strives to provide open spaces and recreational amenities, and works to attract quality businesses and employers to the area.

Avondale's founding father, William "Billy" G. Moore, arrived in Arizona in the late 1860's, settling near the Agua Fria River in 1880. Billy Moore called his settlement "Coldwater, Arizona" - apparently both for the river and the water that flowed from a local spring. He served a brief stint as Justice of the Peace for the Agua Fria area. He bought land, established a stage stop, erected a saloon and a general store, and was Postmaster of Coldwater from 1901 till 1905.

In the early 1900's, the Coldwater post office moved to a site near Avondale Ranch. The post office soon became known as Avondale, and the name Coldwater was discontinued. In December 1946, the City of Avondale was incorporated. 

Originally near the Coldwater Stage Station in the 1880’s, commerce was at the heart of Avondale even then. Avondale had its beginnings as one of the very earliest stage stations in the region, supplying travelers with provisions on their way from Tucson to northern Arizona and California. The town’s most famous historical figure, Billy Moore, established a saloon, general store and stage stop near the Agua Fria crossing. The town grew to include and took its name from Avondale Ranch, where the post office was established in 1896.

Subsequent development resulted in a conglomeration of styles and architecture along Western Avenue typical of small western towns, with ranching, the railroad and cotton farming as main industries. Recently, the city has seen tremendous growth in new development, both residential and commercial, while the Old Town area along Western Avenue preserves the historic business district and safeguards opportunities for small, independent businesses.

Avondale Today
Avondale is a modern city, near the heart of the Phoenix-metropolitan area. Over the last decade, population growth took place at a rate of over 114%, making the city one of the fastest-growing in Maricopa County. The current population is estimated at 76,238 residents and is projected to rise to 106,000 by 2020. Household income has steadily increased and is currently estimated at over $75,000.

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