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Nathan Patrick's 10 Laws of Manhood

By: :Benjamin Owens 0 comments
Nathan Patrick's 10 Laws of Manhood

Read Nathan Patrick's answer to What are your 10 laws of manhood? on Quora 

1. Never date an ex of your friend.

2. When the bartender asks, you should already know what you want to drink.

3. Pretty women who are unaccompanied want you to talk to them.

4. Always bring a bottle of something to the party.

5. Opening the door or giving up your seat for a lady isn’t up for discussion.

6. Never take an ex back. She tried to do better and is settling with you.

7. Comfort zones are for the weak. Don’t be weak.

8. Lower your standards for no one.

9. Being romantic doesn’t make you a woman.

10. Work hard, that is if you want to own anything worth having.

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