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Chill Out! Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew

Ever wonder what make's Aroma Mochas cold brew kegs (think office fraternity) different from your usual run-of-the-mill iced coffee?  It's definitely not the same as the expensive iced coffee you started choking on after glancing at its receipt on a hot summer day. Cold brew coffee is increasingly becoming the standard summer drink in high-end cafes (and, of course, some of the most cutting-edge offices).  So what exactly makes this coffee so different from traditional iced coffee we're used to?

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Espresso Vs Coffee – What’s The Difference?

Espresso Vs Coffee – What’s The Difference? What exactly is the difference between coffee and espresso? For some, a tiny cup of strong espresso is the only true coffee, while others think it’s a bitter waste of perfectly good beans. Whichever you prefer, it’s always good to get our of your comfort zone and try something new! To get you started, here’s a quick guide on what exactly is the difference between the two.

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Aroma Mocha Coffee AZ "Home Barista" Guide

Types of Espresso Machines The first thing you need to know before choosing is - what type of machine are you looking for? Here's the rundown: Manual/lever pump machines - The original espresso maker, introduced in 1905. These require - but reward - skill and practice. But if you want to control everything about your espresso shot and milk frothing, these are the benchmark. Electric machines - Consistency, consistency, consistency. If your electric espresso maker puts out 15 bar of pressure, it will do that for every cup. All you have to do is use the right amount of ground coffee (you do have a scale, right?) and the coffee machine does the rest. Semi-automatic espresso machines - if you like the satisfaction...

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